Puente is fortunate to receive strategic social investment from both private foundations as well as individuals. Much more than just providing funding, we strive to work together to develop cost-effective, lasting approaches to complex social change. We would like to extend our enormous gratitude to the trustees and staff of these foundations and to our individual donors. We believe that it is important for civil society to lead the movement towards transparent practices in the sector. These donors made our work possible in 2015:

Puente currently works in conjunction with various local non-profit and governmental agencies as well as academic institutions and socially responsible private organisations. Collaborating with other established organizations, locally, nationally and internationally enables us to leverage our resources to reach more people.

Harp Helu Foundation
International Community Foundation
Dining for Women: Changing the World One Dinner at a Time.
Fundación Merced
Fundación Walmart México
Clif Bar Family Foundation
Jack DeLoss Charitable Trust
Home Runs Banamex
Atkinson Foundation
San Miguel de Proyectos Agropecuarios
Amaranth Institute
Amigos de las Américas
Universidad Autonoma de Chapingo
Ideas Comunitarias
Fondo para la Paz
Stanford School of Medicine
Witness for Peace
Fundación Comunitaria Oaxaca
Red Campesina de Pequeños Productores