Luisa Fernanda Cíntora CastañedaAlexandra JaumouilléVolunteer at a Summer Nutrition Camp


As I finish my community service with Puente involving activities related to health and the consumption of local products, I feel really satisfied. Getting to know the context in Oaxaca and living here during this time has allowed me to discover, synthesize, and come up with new designs to generate identity and allow the benefits that amaranth offers to shine through. With this knowledge I could visualize ideas that created concepts to strengthen the use and consumption of amaranth, that promoted caring for one's health and changing dietary habits to improve the health of all Mexicans. Based on this experience I will begin to work on the changes that my country needs in terms of our citizens' wellbeing; always coming at it from a humanistic perspective without the invasion of power, money, or the exploitation of the other.

-Luisa Fernanda Cíntora Castañeda, student of Graphic Design at the University Iberoamericana, Mexico City, 2016


For me, this was an experience of growth, as well as an oportunity to meet many different people with diverse ways of seeing the world according to their path in life, their wishes, their knowledge and their challenges. Participating in surveying enriched my knowledge about anthropological methods, which was interesting to me, and I got to explore a method of analyzing barriers to address the factors that can influence a family's consumption of amaranth. I'm so grateful to the team at Puente for giving me the confidence to get to know these families and to my colleague Rebecca with whom I shared many hours in the car and talks about the work we're doing.

-Alexandra Jaumouillé, student of the Master's Program in Population and Development Analysis at the University Paris Descartes-Sorbonne Francia, 2016

If you are interested in one of these volunteer positions, fill out the electronic form and send your resumé to claudia@puentemexico.org. We'll contact you as soon as possible to set up a Skype interview. 

Updated volunteer positions will be posted by February 15th. In the meantime, please fill out a volunteer solicitud if interested in a position.

  Start Date Length of Commitment  Hours per week
Product design and diffusion of amaranth products All year  Minimum 3 months 10-25
Cataloging of amaranth products  All year  Minimum 3 months 10-30
Public perception of amaranth All year  Minimum 3 months 10-30
Community diffusion and social communication All year  Minimum 3 months 15-30
Geographical information systems management (GIS) September Minimum 3 months 10-20
Development and sustainability All year  Minimum 3 months 20
Amaranth farming and research All year  Minimum 1 month 25-30
Information Technology All year Flexible 8-24


In each of the above activities Puente a la Salud Comunitaria offers: 


  • The necessary materials for your activities
  • The cost of transportation to the communities we work in.
  • A creative and motivating work environment.
  • We do not offer lodging in Oaxaca City.